Educator Workshop

DeltaARTS leads teachers through the aesthetic education experiences they can use to guide children through artistic processes.

DeltaARTS Educator Workshop  2017

WHO:           Administrators, Teachers, and Artists
WHAT:         3-day Aesthetic Education Journey
WHEN:         June 20, 21, 22, 2017     8:30 am – 3:30 pm
WHERE:      DeltaARTS Glenn P. Schoettle Arts Education Center
HOW:           Fill out the registration form by clicking on the link below (to be updated). Email, mail, or fax to DeltaARTS (info on the form).
Educators study works of art and guided inquiry using the aesthetic education methods. They will help you discover how to elicit new ideas from your students, and how to stimulate creative, conceptual thinkers prepared for the world beyond the classroom. Just imagine…

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Benefits to You and Your School:

  • Acquire learning and teaching methodologies to use in your school.
  • Understand how works of art serve as the focus for study of diverse subjects.
  • Learn how to support studies by art-making, inquiry, reflection and contextual research.
  • Gain confidence to enable your students to develop skills of perception and description, develop their imagination and transform inspiration into creative action.
  • Build strategies to address current issues and trends in education.


Comments from past DeltaARTS Aesthetic Education Educator Workshops participants:

  • “Guided questioning is my new friend.”
    • Minta Lynch, Library Media Specialist, Carroll Smith Elementary
  • “As a person, my highlight was creating a piece of artwork that I was proud of, and that I can share with others. As an educator, I now have a better understanding of how my students feel when they are learning a skill for the first time.”
    • Tess Jackson, First Grade Teacher, Maddux Elementary
  • “I am now equipped to ask better questions that guide my students into curiosity and higher thinking.”
    • Debbie Sellers, Music Teacher, L.R. Jackson Elementary
  • “The quality of the instruction was well planned. It provided the knowledge needed for me to be successful in utilizing what I can do with students. The opportunity to learn from shared interests and experiences of other participants just added to the next level of learning about life and living.”
    • LaSandra Willis, K-2 Literary Teacher, Wonder Elementary



The DeltaARTS Educator Workshop is made possible by a grant from the Arkansas Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, and by the National Endowment for the Arts.