About Us






DeltaARTS was established in 1972 as an arts agency serving Crittenden County, Arkansas. Today, through an affiliation with two national institutions, Wolf Trap Institute and Lincoln Center Institute, DeltaARTS provides arts education and imaginative learning experiences for over 18,000 students, teachers, families, and senior citizens throughout east Arkansas, north Mississippi and west Tennessee.

DeltaARTS programs include:

Student Matinee Series                                                                     

A performing arts series for students at the West Memphis Civic Auditorium that includes opera, theatre, modern and traditional dance, classical and blues music, and mime.

Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts   

An early childhood residency program that brings  dynamic teaching artists to the classrooms to work in partnership with the educators to engage the students in theatre, music, and dance lessons that focus on the early childhood curriculum.

DeltaARTS Educator Workshop                  

A world class hands on professional development program for educators that is based on the aesthetic education model.

DeltaARTS Focus School Program                                                   

A whole school approach to arts in education that includes all teachers and students working in partnership with  teaching artists to incorporate the arts in all aspects of teaching and learning through the Lincoln Center Imaginative Teaching and Learning approach.

Crittenden Youth Theatre                                                                    

A first-class youth theatre program for students in grades K-12 composed of mainstage and touring productions that gives students the opportunity to engage in acting, singing, dancing, scene and set creation, as well as working collaboratively in both small and large groups.

Arts for Seniors                                                                                

A very special program designed for seniors in retirement or nursing homes that includes music, storytelling, movement, quilt making, and theatrical performances. The minds and bodies of participating seniors are stimulated through engaging in these arts experiences.

DeltaARTS Gallery

Located within the offices of DeltaARTS on the mall, the gallery space is host to exhibits of art by local and regional artists. Student and professional exhibits with themes relating to the people and heritage of the Delta.

DeltaARTS development events include a fall membership campaign; a winter Corporate Trivia Challenge; Art on the Levee, a spring party and art sale; and the Janine Earney Celebrity Carnival, an annual three-night televised auction.

DeltaARTS is the recipient of the 2015 Governor’s Award for Arts in Education for the state of Arkansas, and is a 2012 graduate of the Alliance for Non Profit Excellence in Memphis, Tenn.

DeltaARTS’ mission is: Imaginative Arts Education for the Delta.